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We have been Rollcage fabricators for over 20 years and we have built rollcages for many vehicles whether it's for the road or competition, all tube cutting and bending is done in our workshop to keep costs competative. We can build to your specifications whether it being a full or part rollcage, welded or bolted in, we also make our own brackets for bolt in cages and these will be available to buy in our online store.

Our steel suppliers stock specialised tube for next day delivery and the common grades we use are CDS, ROPT and T45, all a seamless FIA/MSA approved tube within specification to the MSA blue book. We also do vehicle body preperation including seam welding and strengthening, this is particularly popular with rally cars as it makes the body of the car a lot more solid. All tube is notched and shaped to ensure a good fit for tig and mig welding.

All tube is bent in house in our Hilmor draw tube bender with correct radius formers for rollcage bends. We have built cages for Stockcar, Circuit, Drifting, Road and even Film/Stunt cars.

Click here to see photos of past projects, Also for space frames and chassis fabrication see our chassis page.

bmw e30 rollcage
bmw e36 e46 rollcage